The world is changing and with globalization, new technologies and social media new professions figures are emerging.

Influencers are, without any doubt, one of the most interesting figures in this new context. Running a blog or social media account has become a fundamental tool to do business all over the world. Influencers today enhance the credibility of a brand directly or indirectly. Much more important, they have a strong influence on the interests and purchasing habits of their followers.

Being such a new figure anyway, influencers represent an interesting case study from different perspectives and of course, taxation is a hot topic. If you want to know more about how these professionals face taxation according to different jurisdictions don't miss this opportunity and join us to discover more about these new and pivotal business figures!


  • Filippo Buzzi (Head of Italian Desk at Fidinam (Hong Kong) Limited)

    Filippo Buzzi

    Head of Italian Desk at Fidinam (Hong Kong) Limited

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(including drinks and canapés)

HKD 150

(including drinks and canapés)

HKD 200