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The Italian Chamber of Commerce in collaboration with the Finnish Chamber of Commerce Women in Business Committee is pleased to present Make Your Move – Rethink Your Career afterwork seminar.

This event's main aim is to encourage women to use their full potential and build a career that is meaningful for them.

Get the chance to learn more about like work-life balance, work well-being, how to exceed yourself and reach your business goals from 4 great speakers with different backgrounds from Hong Kong's business world.


  • Lukas Duczko (Founder, Scrive)

    Lukas Duczko

    Founder, Scrive

  • Riitta Hänninen (Senior Event Director, RacingThePlanet)

    Riitta Hänninen

    Senior Event Director, RacingThePlanet

  • Marie Swarbreck (Founder, FLEXImums)

    Marie Swarbreck

    Founder, FLEXImums

  • Tuula Vartiainen (Managing Director, Salli China and Hong Kong)

    Tuula Vartiainen

    Managing Director, Salli China and Hong Kong


HKD 100
HKD 150