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Migration is a distinctive feature of contemporary society. Nowadays a huge number of people are being forced to leave their homes, undertaking thousand-miles-long journeys that often end with the refuse from states and cities to open their borders and their societies to the newly arrived. These migrants often show the signs of physical and psychological wounds.

For these reasons the Italian Chamber of Commerce is proud to present this meeting with Christian Action Hong Kong – Center for Refugees, an enriching talk aimed at discovering the activities and the actions of one of the more active Hong Kong-based humanitarian organizations, that strives every day to bring its help to these people, too often forgotten.

The event is free, RSVP is required to reserve a spot.


  • Mr A. (Outreach Coordinator, Christian Action)

    Mr A.

    Outreach Coordinator, Christian Action

  • Jonnet Bernal (Centre Manager, Christian Action)

    Jonnet Bernal

    Centre Manager, Christian Action



(including Italian aperitivo)


(including Italian aperitivo)