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The Italian Chamber of Commerce and its Women's Leadership Network Committee are excited to invite you to an inspiring after-work seminar about Women in Tech industry.

During the last financial crisis, we have experienced a massive layoff in banking, along with people in its extended service sectors.

A decade after, increasing numbers of banking sector professionals continue to go on their own in order to pursue a better future each year, including working alongside startups, in FinTech or other industries.

FinTech, in particular, is a much-heated debate across the banking sectors as it not only disruptively eliminates most of the back office, but it also improves customer value creation and pushes the Financial Regulatory Framework into a new uncharted era.

Ms. Mo Havery, Head of Financial Services & FinTech, Asia-Pacific at Enterprise Ireland, and Ms. Karena Belin, Co-founder, and CEO of WHub will walk us through their journeys and how they discovered tech as their calling.

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  • Karena Belin (Co-founder and CEO, WHub)

    Karena Belin

    Co-founder and CEO, WHub

  • Mo Harvey (Head of Financial Services & FinTech, Asia-Pacific, Enterprise Ireland)

    Mo Harvey

    Head of Financial Services & FinTech, Asia-Pacific, Enterprise Ireland



(including Italian aperitivo)

HKD 150

(including Italian aperitivo)

HKD 200