In December 2017 the Hong Kong government presented the Hong Kong Smart City Blue Print. By adopting the measures set out in this Blue Print Hong Kong should be turned into a world class smart city.The Environment & Energy Business Council (EEBC) of the European Chamber of Commerce presented in April 2018 a position paper with a review of the measures proposed to create a Smart Environment in the Blue print and concrete recommendations on how to make Hong Kong more sustainable.

The Chairman of the EEBC, Tom Uiterwaal, will present the views and visions of the European Business Community on how to make Hong Kong a world class sustainable smart city.


  • Tom Uiterwaal (Founder and CEO, Reconergy (Hong Kong) Ltd.)

    Tom Uiterwaal

    Founder and CEO, Reconergy (Hong Kong) Ltd.



(including Italian lunch buffet)

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(including Italian lunch buffet)

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